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Welcome to allAttend, the ultimate solution for effortless attendance tracking within your school. We understand the importance of maintaining accurate attendance records for students and staff, and that's why we have developed a powerful system that simplifies the process and enhances overall efficiency.

Streamlined Attendance Tracking
Say goodbye to the traditional paper-based attendance sheets and let allAttend handle it all. Our user-friendly interface allows you to easily mark attendance, record absences, and track tardiness with just a few clicks.
Real-time Monitoring
Stay up-to-date with attendance patterns and trends in real-time. allAttend provides comprehensive reports and analytics, enabling you to identify patterns, address attendance issues, and make data-driven decisions.
Customized Attendance Rules
Every school has unique attendance policies, and allAttend understands that. Our system allows you to configure attendance rules specific to your institution, including late arrivals, early departures, and leave types. With allAttend, you have full control over attendance policies.
Student and Staff Profiles
Keep track of individual attendance histories through dedicated student and staff profiles. allAttend provides a centralized database where you can view attendance records, track trends, and generate comprehensive reports for each individual.
Automated Notifications
allAttend takes the hassle out of manually informing parents, guardians, or staff members about attendance-related updates. Our system sends automated notifications for absentees, late arrivals, or other attendance events, ensuring that everyone stays informed in real-time.
Mobile Accessibility
Stay connected on the go with our mobile app. allAttend offers a seamless mobile experience, allowing teachers, administrators, and staff members to mark attendance or view reports directly from their smartphones or tablets.

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How it works

Unveiling the magic behind allAttend.

Step 1: ID card now has a chip inside
हिजो पनि आइडी कार्ड थियो।
आज पनि आइडी कार्ड छ,
तर यो आइडी कार्डमा चिप हुन्छ |
Step 2: Students tap their cards on the card reader
Near Reading
बिद्यालयमा पुग्न साथ् Studentले सेन्सरमा ट्याप गर्नु पर्ने हुन्छ
Far Reading
Student स्कूल पुग्न साथ, Atuomatic Attendance हुन्छ
Step 3: Parents receive instant notifications
सेन्सरले डाटा सर्भरमा पठाउँछ।
अभिभावकहरू, शिक्षकहरू र प्रशासन Real-Timeमा सूचित हुन्छन्।

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Take attendance tracking in your educational institution to the next level with allAttend. Our comprehensive system simplifies the process, enhances efficiency, and provides valuable insights for improved student and staff engagement.

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